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First Post

I thought I may as well make the first post an explanation of the header picture. It’s a photo of my friends, almost a year ago now would you believe. I’m there too, on the far right. I was going to choose some arty sea-scape picture i took with my camera when I discovered it could take panoramic shots (that was an exciting day,) but after some deliberation I felt that the photo with my friends said more about me.

What you should know straight off is that it’s staged, we’re not actually talking to each other at all, just looking and pulling the right facial expressions. Had the camera on self timer, then we just had to sit there and look happy and enthralled for ten seconds. Kirsty and Steph, the girls in the middle, were struggling, you can tell they’re just about to burst out laughing. Of course, whilst it was staged for fun, it wasn’t hard to look happy, because we were. We were happy to be spending time together. Time was, back at uni, I’d see these people every day. I’d live in the same house with a few of them, and may as well have lived in the same house with a few more the amount of time we spent sharing a sofa. Then of course it ends, suddenly, even though you’re expecting it. And then you’re all cast across the country, back where you came from. University is very cruel in that respect. But I’ll never forget the times we had, and I’ll always cherish the times we will still have. So that’s why they’re there, because I suppose the sum up the very essence of this blog, “I never forget.” Because I’ll certainly never, ever, forget them.


One response

  1. Kisty

    Matthew!!! I have cry face and I’m about to go out to dinner!!! I’ll never forget either. Can’t wait to see you in Feb. Love you XXX

    January 13, 2011 at 5:17 pm

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