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The film I saw last night

Starship Troopers. Did I miss something there? Was it meant to be ridiculous, or was I meant to take it seriously? Seriously, I don’t know, I havn’t looked on the internet, maybe it was just a piss take. From what I could make out, humanity was determined to invade this planet on the other side of the galaxy, which appeared to offer absolutely no useful resources and technological advancements, instead it was mostly desert and inhapited by an array of biologically fascinating super-sized insects.

Every human was an american, naturally, and they all had this bloodthirsty lust to kill every single one of these poor insects, even at the cost of thousands of millions of lives. People were dieing left right and centre, from poor ginger lesbian to scary and yet oddly avuncular lieutenant. And yet our brave boys and girls soldiered on, mercilessly throwing themselves at this planet again and again, facing ever increasing odds. I just didn’t understand why. That planet offered nothing to humanity, why not just loeave it alone? Or possibly try and broker some kind of peace? Oh no, not on your nelly. There was some tentative attempt at a romantic plot, but this was tenuous at best, and involved a woman who was called riz, but it sounded like tits most of the time. Tits died in the end, but there was another woman who our main protagonist could shack up with, so hip hip hooray. And all that romance would have been worth something if the film hadn’t ended with a scientist announcing that one particular insect, captured and bound was “afraid” – news that was met by ruptuous applause by the army of humans. Hooray! A lesser species is in fear of us! Ahahahahahaha! Let’s all go off into the sunset, jolly as the day is long. And fear not, it was left wide open for a sequel – there are apparently still billions of insects to kill! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One response

  1. chris

    No, it was deliberately ridiculous.

    January 16, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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