Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

Getting to Grips

FINALLY getting to grips with Book One. I’ve been writing Book Two for so long that I think I’ve just been in a Book Two headspace, but now I’m getting much more into Book One again, which is good, because it will be Book One that will attract the publishers and get me a deal. It has to be good. And you know, re-reading it, I think it is. I thought I’d be tweaking and editing everywhere, I thought it would be pretty much a re-write. But apart from the odd little thing which just doesn’t make sense or could make more sense, it’s actually pretty good. Like I’ve read parts of it and actually got sucked in, forgetting that it was me that wrote it. It’s lovely when it’s like that. When you can read something that you’ve written, something creative, and in your mind it plays like a film – the characters, the places, the events. And there’s music! In my mind there’s , always music that accompanies what’s happening. Lots of dramatic orchestras and choral pieces – lovely! Not that the story needs that to come alive, but that’s just how I read it, and when I’m writing that’s how I see it. I always think that I don’t really write, I just transcribe. I see everything happening in my head, with sound effects and music and everything, and I just write what I see. Hopefully one day they might get made into films – then I can see what I write! That’s why when I think about the end of allllllllllll the books that I’ve already planned, and I get those tears in my eyes (there will be tears! Lots! But I’m not saying if they’ll be happy or sad ones!) I know that that is the only way it can end, because that’s just how it does end. That’s how it ends in my head, in that reel of imagination going round in my brain like a projector in an old cinema. So that’s just how it has to end. I don’t have a choice – I’m just the writer. Funny that. There’s a lot more to this writing malarky then just putting words together so they make some semblence of meaning. Lots more – as anyone who’s ever written will know.

Anyway, just a few random Friday night thoughts for you there.

Also, I’ve been finding it hard to get to sleep lately. Plagued by thoughts that I can’t quite pin down. It’s the past I think, burrowing its way in. Flashes and snapshots of memory. It’s disturbing. Hopefully writing about it here might get rid of it.

Well, enough talk like that – time for more book writing!


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