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Some Doctor Who thoughts

Have been rewatching all of New-Who in order over the past few months, and I’m on series 4 now, just finished Planet of the Ood last night. I think the Fires of Pompeii (the one previous,) might be one of my favourite episodes ever. It’s got everything you could want from an episode of Doctor Who and more. For a start there’s some great comedy moments –  “No man is allowed to enter the temple of Sybill!” “Oh that’s alright. Just us girls!” There’s great action too, lots of running about, and on an epic scale. I love the little scene with the Doctor and Donna running down the hillside with a huge tidal wave of ash coming up fast behind them. But more than any of that there’s such brilliant heart to the episode. It’s genuinely heart breakingly sad when you understand the Doctor’s dilemma that either he himself causes the volcanic eruption or lets the whole world be destroyed. 20,000 lives on his shoulders, and the acting between David and Catherine in the TARDIS when she’s begging him to save someone is outstanding. “Your whole planet burnt!” “But that’s just it Donna, don’t you understand if I could go back and save them then I would but I can’t! I can’t, I just can’t….I can’t…..” It’s beautiful. Had tears in my eyes for bits of it I’m not ashamed to say -perhaps more with hindsight, now knowing that it is that pain of knowing what must happen and what must never happen that eventually contributes to the demise of the tenth Doctor.

On to the future though, much buzz about what to expect from series 6. Stephen Moffat has suitably puffed the whole thing up, so it can’t be any bigger. Lots of promises of jaws dropping all over the place etc etc – all of which leaves me excited, but also anxious that the promise is actually fulfilled. Last year was good but a bit of damp squid really for me, and I remember being told I would be blown away with that too. I’m hoping that it was just a new production team settling in, much like how series one was good but not on the level of later series. From the trailer it looks like we’ve got lots of America (not sure if I’m excited or not about that, I know the BBC is trying to poach the market over there, but I quite like Doctor Who being a quaint english show. I know it was odd how in years 1 – 4 every threat to the planet happened through London or Cardiff, but I liked it.) What else – ooh, River Song by the barrel load, which is fine by me as I am genuinely intrigued as to where she’s going (as long as she’s not really his wife,) the TARDIS that someone was trying to build in the series 5 ep “The Lodger,” looks like it’s making a return, which is all very interesting, not to mention who or what the silence is. Oh and there’s also a green eyed ood involved somewhere, which has me quite excited. I like the ood, and I’m glad they arn’t just going to remain a tennant alien.

What do I hope? Well, I hope that at the end of series 6, we see the Doctor give River the old/new sonic screwdriver – thus signalling that she’s bound for the Library and death. That would make a good last scene I think. Unless I really bond with Amy over the series, I wouldn’t be too upset if she went at the end of series 6, although moffat seems to be in love with her and rory so I’m not getting my hopes up. I’d like the Silence/Silents to not be the actual big bad, but be the henchmen of the big bad. I’d quite like the actual big bad to either be Omega or Davros, or the Black Guardian. I hope it’s someone from the shows past, I’m all for new villains, but if we’re talking about someone as bad and powerful as this person is being hyped up to be then I find it a bit odd that the Doctor won’t have encountered them yet.

Anyway, only time will tell. I’ll be watching, regardless!


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