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TV and Food

VWORP! VWORP! VWORP! VOYEUR ALERT! The televisual week just got even better. Not only do we have the Biggest loser UK, Big fat gypsies, and all the Joys of Teen sex, we now have the return of embarassing bodies on channel 4 this friday coming!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!! And it looks like a corker of a series from the trailer I saw last night, with a apparent focus on odd lumps and bumps, as I glimpsed a woman with the elephant man growing on the back of her head, another woman with a tiny pair of bum cheeks growing on top of her head, and a man with a football under his skin on his tummy! Yes!

On a different note, I do wonder if I might have some kind of eating disorder. Nothing heavy weight like anorexia or bulemia, but my problem is that I just can’t seem to stop. Eating, that is. I love eating. I love it so much. And I do it all the time. I’m famed for my extravagant mcdonalds orders – sometimes even pretending to have lots of children back at home that I’m ordering for. I’m mean we’re talking about 3 double cheeseburger, a mayo chicken, a chicken snack wrap, and a regular fries. AND a mcflurry if there’s a nice flavour. I think I’m a big boredom eater. I love eating when I’m watching TV, particularly if it’s TV i’m really excited about. Ice cream is great, or sweets. And I love pasta. I have half a bag at a time, which becomes a mountain on my plate once it’s cooked. I mean usually it doesn’t bother me, but there comes a point when it’s half 11 at night and you’re eating icing out of a cereal bowl that you think “hang on, maybe something isn’t right here.” I’m not putting on any weight, thank goodness for those hollow legs I’ve got. But internally crap-knows what it’s all doing to me. I’m probably more clogged up then a hairy mans bath plug. I’m not too concerned. Maybe I should be, but I’m not. There is that nagging thought which says “you’re eating to fill a hole in your life rather than a hole in your stomach,” but then I think I’ve always loved eating loads, so unless I’ve always had a hole in my life then it must just be a plain old bad habit. I hope I haven’t always had a hole in my life, it’d be pretty grim if I did!

That’s a bit of an odd place to leave this post, but I’m coming down from a haribo induced sugar high, so it’s going to have to do!


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