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Big Fat Gypsy CRUSHINGS!

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. It’s funny how those two little words, in fact I’m not even sure that oh is a word, but regardless – it’s funny how those two little words can so aptly sum up an entire television show, and as a result of that sum up an entire swathe of society.

Yes, it’s big fat gypsy weddings on channel 4! If you thought last week was bad, you’re in for a shock. This week we had more gypsy weddings and more tiny gypsy communions, but we also had the destruction of the gypsy life, and even more shocking – wannabe gypsies! I ask you!

Where to start? Well, let’s start with the wannabe gypsies. Basically we’ve got a gypsy boy (pat,) who is marrying a non-gypsy (or a Gorjer in the romany tongue,) girl – quite the scandal. The girl already looked the part even before she’d put on her 20 stone baby pink dress, so fitting in wouldn’t be much of an issue. She seemed very proud to be entering into the traveller life, defending her new caravan home (without a toilet please – it takes up too much room,) to the incredulous channel 4 reporter Daniel, who argued that a caravan wasn’t a home because it had wheels. Fair point. INTERESTINGLY though she did get a bit riled up when one of her new gypsy cousins started in on the gorjer way of life, saying they’ve got not respect and they’re rude. This showed to me that they were maybe playing it up to be a bit more idyllic than it actually is for the cameras.

My favourite bit of the show though was when the gypsy sites came under attack. Like in the return of the king when gandalf and the gondorians know there’s an attack coming, the valiant gypsies at Dale farm were preparing for the council to come at any moment and smash their world into smithereens. “If dey tink we’re goin’ widart a fight, dey’ve got anarda tink comin’!” was the sentiment expressed at Dale farm, whilst down the road at another farm (always a farm!) it was already happening. The bulldozers were in, and the gypsy homes were being crushed and destroyed. One little gypsy lad looked on mournfully. “Why do you think they’re doing this?” asked the reporter. “Because they don’t like gypsies.” said the boy. No, my dear child, it’s because you don’t own that land and you’re not paying any taxes – that’s why.

I think that’s one of the main things that angered me. The whole issue regarding the fact that these people are living tax free on land they don’t own was completely glossed over. And you’re travellers you say? When was the last time you travelled? Those “caravans” they live in have got brick walls round them and proper doors and windows like a house! They’re not caravans! They’re bungalows! And don’t get me started on the children. Little girls, five or six years old, wearing hooker dresses and mini skirts, bumping and grinding all over the place. No, no, no, sorry, that’s not right. Just like last week, they’re preaching this high moral code and then you’ve got children acting like that with no sense of decency.

Ahhh dear, this show really vexes me. Am I really justified to say that things like that arn’t right? Who am I to judge? But it’s all just so alien. The taste, the “morals,” the dress sense – it just doesn’t sit right with me at all. And they say that all that sort of stuff is their culture – their traditions. How can pink  4 by 4 limos be a tradition? They’ve only been around the last few years!  Surely travellers 20 or 30 years ago weren’t like this?

I suppose, I shouldn’t judge taste and clothes, but I do. It’s just how I am. I look down on it and think it’s awful, but people can dress how they like. But the children dressed up like prostitutes – that makes me very uncomfortable, and I do think that’s wrong.  And the tax dodging too. What does that make me? A racist? A patriot? I’m not sure. But you can’t help the way your gut feels.


4 responses

  1. Charles

    I don’t want to sound too aggressive, but this is something I really care and *know* about. I don’t know who or what you are as I have just stumbled across this from some research on google, but gurrrll you really need to inform yourself more thoroughly before you write stiff like this.

    I’d be really fascinated to see your sources for the Dale Farm travellers not owning their land. I mean, that information would really come as a surprise to everyone so it would be great if you could dig that out. Also their not paying taxes. If you could just link me to your source on that as well.

    5th-hand information that the a tabloid paper has taken and run with doesn’t count.

    That’s just the half of it. Not being funny, but you *are* a rascist, and a snob and quite possibly an idiot. Sounds like you’re on the verge of realising this for yourself (“What does that make me? A rasicst?”) – and the sooner you com to a full realisation the better.

    September 17, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    • Okay, so maybe they own the land at Dale Farm. But if you think that makes what they’re doing there legal then you really are confused. Two words: Planning Permission. They don’t have legal permission to have the types of dwellings that they do have on that site. Just because you own a piece of land doesn’t mean you can automatically live on it. That’s just the fact of it. They might argue that they’re only temporary dwellings, as they’re travellers- but when was the last time they travelled anywhere? Hmmmm? It doesn’t really sound like they’re travellers at all, more like stay in one placers really.

      Oh and please, do you REALLY, I mean, REALLY think they’re paying council tax? For land they haven’t got the right to live on, land that the council doesn’t recognise as habitable land? You think they’re paying council tax for that? Seriously?

      It might interest you to know that you are actually talking to a descendant of gypsies. You’ve only got to go back a couple of generations and you’ll find no end of Romany Gypsy in my family. And I’m proud of that, because they were good people. They travelled the country, staying at farms in different places where they helped the farmer out in return for living on their land for a while. They actually fulfilled the definition of traveller because they actually travelled! They were good, peaceful, respectable people. And when I speak to my relatives who have living memory of them now then they are ashamed of what “travellers” are like now.

      I’m not a rascist. The fact is that I believe, or rather, it’s my opinion (one that a LOT of people would agree with,) that a lot of the Irish Travellers that you see today are very bad mannered and anti-social. I’ve been heckled and abused by young traveller boys in my home town – loads of times. I’ve seen them shouting lewd comments at young girls. If think that’s wrong makes me a snob, then I’m very gladly a snob.

      And please, omit the New York style “gurrrll” from any further correspondance. It made me take your argument a whole lot less seriously. Ta.

      September 19, 2011 at 8:04 am

  2. The Wise One

    Irish travellers are NOT, NOR EVER EVER EVER BEEN GYPSIES. Gypsies are a separate ethnic group, why can’t the writer of this stupid, prejudiced racist blog, get the facts straight?

    What is it about “Irish is not Romani” you don’t understand? Are you too thick to make distinctions, or as the snob within you blinded you with eight? Why are you Brits so damned fucking nasty? Why do you blame Gypsies for crimes Irish travellers commit? What is wrong with you people?

    What next?
    Are you stupid Brits going to blame the Jews for Russia invading Ukraine?
    Or maybe you could single out and persecute the Chinese communities living in Britain for the bad weather. Maybe you could end the threat of Islamic terrorism by persecuting and slandering Buddhist? You could even blame the rise of utility bills on Britain’s black communities, lol

    You people have no idea how foolish you sound, none whatsoever! It’s a sad fact, but, ever since Irish travellers (Irish travellers came from Ireland, did you know?) we, English/Romani Gypsies have had to bore the brunt of the crimes and antisocial behaviour of the Irish travellers. We have also spent almost 100 years trying to get the message through your thick Neanderthal skulls that Irish are NOT Gypsies. it is a FACT, that you CANNOT change your ethnicity at will.

    Next time, drop the stuck-up British imperialistic attitudes, and dump the lies that you people are “good law-abiding citzens, and the master race” and join humanity by learning a thing or two.

    To be frank, we are getting fucking sick to the back teeth of being blamed for everything Irish travellers get up to. When will the British people grow up? I have met many races, and I only need to explain once that Irish travellers and Romani Gypsies are TWO SEPARATE ETHNIC RACES BOTH UNCONNECTED, and they understand. However, you lot are so fantastically dumb, its unbelievable!

    April 5, 2014 at 2:07 pm

  3. Okay. A little bit over the top don’t you think?

    I know the distinction between Irish Travellers and Romani Gypsies. If you read my comment above you’ll see I’m actually descended from the latter.

    I don’t actually see where I say that Irish Travellers and Romani Gypsies are the same thing?

    I’d suggest some anger management classes. Or taking up a hobby like gardening or cross-stitch. 🙂

    April 7, 2014 at 2:47 pm

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