Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.


It’s a terrible truth in life that dreams don’t always come true, and things don’t always happen the way you imagine them. As such, I am no longer moving to Brighton. Instead, my attention turns to Richmond upon Thames. The reasons? Allow me explain.

It’s no secret that times are tough, money wise. Now myself and Andrew want to have our own place again, and if we’re going to achieve this anytime soon  then it’s time to get serious and start living in reality. Maybe that’s a bit harsh – people who know me will know I’m not one of those “this is reality!” types, but it is sort of true in this instance. Brighton is a beautiful dream, but I think for now that’s all it is. The truth is that I’m finding it hard enough to source employment round these parts, let alone have to look in Brighton too. And it’s no bad thing really. This way we can be reasonably be looking to move in to a place the beginning of April, just like last year.

I think it’s important sometimes when you have plans to look at why exactly you made them in the first place, and if they’re no longer serving their purpose and doing their jobs then maybe it’s time to re-align yourself and look to a new plan. If one plan fails you just have to get used to another one – I’m a big believer in that, that’s one of my life lessons from Wilhelmina. I mean your overall life dreams – your ambitions, don’t give up on those. Like me being a writer, I won’t ever give up on that.But if I really want to move to Brighton then it just won’t happen this year, just because of jobs and money. It becomes a plan for next year, or the year after.

So yes, part of life involves re-aligning yourself and dropping things that you thought were previously un-dropable. I guess that’s part of growing up too. But it doesn’t ever mean that you’ve failed, or that you’re at a loss. Not all the time you’ve still got that ambition, that drive and that will to go forwardsm you’re never at a loss.


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