Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.


PHEW. I spent most of the day at it (writing my suite101 articles that is,) and I have now written a total of nine articles, with the tenth being done tonight, just because I like ten. Double figures, very good – and one fifth of the way to my revenue bonus! If I keep going at it then hopefully I will have my 50 by the end of next week. There was one article I wrote today that I thought would have been quite good for on here, it was about writing a novel – so I shall link it right now!—believe-in-you-a342839

Also, watched Louis Theroux ultra zionists last night. I have to profess, I didn’t really understand the whole Israel issue before I watched. What a lot of drama though! I mean if I understand it correctly then the whole thing is just silly. As far as I can see they both have a claim to the land – why can’t they just share? They’re already living there – so what if there’s a jew in your street? Who cares about some arabs who have moved in next door? Just button up and get on with it. If they all just agreed that they both called the land home then they could both live in peace. They should both share in their joint love of the land, not argue over it. Just a lot of men who have got far too hot and bothered in the heat from where I’m standing.


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