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Writing like I’ve never written before!

Today I have to write my arse off. Not just today, but everyday. Not tomorrow though, I’m going away. Or Sunday. But today, and then Monday again, and then every day after that! At the moment on Suite 101 I have written 6 excellent articles, some intellectual, some more trivial, but all good. Those 6 have given me a total of 7 US cents. Now, yes I know that sounds pathetic but it builds. The article I only finished at what, ooh, 9 pm last night recieved 25 hits in just 3 hours, which is more than most of the other articles have achieved in a week. That’s because everyone’s mad for Doctor Who spoilers I suppose! And if I can post 50 articles then I get a 10% increase in my revenue share, so that’s an incentive.

The thing is even now I’m conflicted. I’m writing for money, but I also hate the thought of being a sell out and just writing about what I think people will want to read just to get the money. I want to write about what I’d want to read, so that’s why you’ll find articles on Black Annis, where we get “every jot and tittle,” from and stories of the Devil in England. But the issue is that not many people want to read about that. But I’m sure some would, and that’s important. I should do a mix of both I guess. Some crowd pleasing, some academic pleasing.

I need this money. I’m clutching at straws as it is, but this is probably one of the strongest straws I’ve got at the moment. If nobody out there is willing to employ me, then I’ll just have to sort something out myself, and this is my best option. And it gets me semi famous – if you type in “what does every jot and tittle mean” into google, then my very own article is the second result! I’m on google!

Right. Write.


3 responses

  1. Rich White

    It’s not selling out, you’re doing what you want to do – but you’re doing what you need to do to do what you want to do!
    There’s a naive tendency to be condescending in artistic circles, ‘oh we don’t need money’ and all that bollocks. You know as well as i do Matt that we do need money, and wouldn’t you rather earn it from writing than sifting shit on the docks?
    So long as you write about topics that you have some degree of interest in, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Sure, if everyone hates Dr Who and you write to earn money by saying you hate it too, you have something to be ashamed of. But writing to earn a living is not something to be ashamed of – and if you follow that line of thought to its logial conclusion, you’ll be giving your books away for free because hey, “i’m an artist and i don’t need money.”

    On a separate note, if you want to, i can get you a regular writing gig getting paid to write articles. You have to write a trial article for acceptance, but if you get accepted it’s pretty good.

    February 14, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    • Writing gig? Paid? If I want to? YES! Please do give me the details!

      February 17, 2011 at 12:52 pm

  2. Rich White

    lol ok. send me an email at richwhite [at] and i’ll give you the details. I’ll let you email me first as you didn’t get my last email it may work better if i reply to you

    February 17, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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