Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

Back up to speed

I’ve been slowing down of late, I won’t lie to you. January, a post every day pretty much. February, four so far? Five? Rubbish! A slip back into old Matthew perhaps. Well pish I say to you, with all the emphatic-ness of a victorian gentleman with mutton chops and a top hat. No more!

Suite101 has been a curse and a blessing. A blessing because it does offer me the opportunity to flex my academic writing arm, and that does feel good. But a curse because it does lure one in with its opportunity to earn money, and I think I did get a little bit obsessed. Also, as I’ve discovered, Suite is the natural habitat of many busy body type editors whose life revolves around trampling on your creativity with reckless abandon. I’m not for one second putting down the role of an editor, a good editor is vital to a good writer. But does it have do be done in such a school ma’am kind of way? Hopefully not? And don’t tell me what to actually write in my article please, suggest corrections to what I’ve actually written, but don’t tell me what to write. I could maybe even handle suggestions – good, honest notes can be good sometimes – but to actually tell me is quite rude I think.

So, over the last week I think my frustration had reached a peak, and now it’s time to blow the cap and get back to doing what I want (and what I need,) to do. Which is namely writing on here and developing my novels. I’ve made a tentative start to Book Three, so that will be something to get my teeth into. However, I am anxious to start the publication process too, so as well as the one submission I have already made I will make more. I don’t want to make too many, don’t want to look like I’m just canvassing the market, but doing a few at a time might be a good idea considering that these things can take 12 weeks to come back to you. I really, really do have faith that I will either be on the road to publication (or at least have an agent,) by the end of the year. That’s the goal – now let’s aim at it. Full steam ahead! Top speed!


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