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Wait for one. Expect Two.

I’m changing the expression. I’m ripping out the bus and shoving in an austerity Britain alternative. Jobs. You wait all day/year for one job, and then two come along at once. That should be the expression. The old one’s a bit outdated now. Buses are really quite frequent. I never have to wait more than about ten minutes. In fact in Chiswick they were every three minutes. A very good service. And you get the little lady voice now telling you where you are, that’s really handy! Yeah I love the little lady voice on the bus. But really, the expression should be jobs – or at least job interviews.

I’ve been applying for jobs all over the shop since the new year, which has been great, but has bore little fruit until last week. Last week I get an interview at Shepperton studios. Huzzah! I am in no way counting chickens, but I think it went well. They mysteriously called me back for an informal “chat” later the same day, which looked very promising, and told me I’d find out the beginning of this week whether I’d got it or not. Well, Monday is over, but there’s still tuesday. ANYWAY, there I am sitting by the phone, and it goes off. A number I don’t know, but not an 0800 one. It must be them! I bet I didn’t get it! I momentarily think about not picking up but then I do.

“Hello is that Matthew Head?”

“Yes it is.”

“Hello there Mr Head, you recently applied for a job with -” yes I’m thinking, a job with Shepperton Studios, yes “Spelthorne Borough Council. We’d like to invite you for an interview this wednesday at 10 am.” WHAT!

I mean it’s great, don’t get me wrong, it’s great. But talk about all at once! I’ve immediately started panicking of course. What if this and what if that. What if I get the job at shepperton and then i also get the council one but the c0uncil one is better paid but I’ve already started work at shepperton. I know, I know, it’s probably a lot of un-necessary what ifs. I’ll probably end up with neither job and then that will serve me right for panicking.  No, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. It feels a lot better to know that people are at least interested in you, it’s just a bit suddenly overwhelming that’s all.

I think the good thing here is that there is hope. I haven’t written this to rub it in the face of anyone who’s unemployed and hasn’t had any interviews. If anything (despite my worrying,) this should give you hope. That just when you’ve been waiting forever, just when you think no-one will ever call you – two come along at once. Believe that. It’ll happen.


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