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Series Fnarg Annoyance

I’m finding myself just a little bit annoyed with steven moffat lately. I don’t want to be. I hate the constant bitching between Russell T. Davies fans and Steven Moffat fans, each camp bitching and mercilessly slagging off the other one – it’s petty and stupid, they’re both brilliant writers, they’ve both contributed huge amounts to not only doctor who but television as a whole (Queer as Folk for  Davies, and Sherlock for Moffat for example.) But lately, from reading little bits and pieces about what Moffat’s said, I do find him a little irritating.

The main thing is this series fnarg idea. In 2005 we had series one of doctor who (okay, many, many series before that, but with the substantial break of 26 years between transmissions, it’s understandable that it was produced and marketed as series one.) Then, series two followed in 2006, series three in 2007, series four in 2008, some specials in 2009 so not a full series, and then what would you expect in 2010? Let’s count, how do numbers go again? 1,2,3,4,1 right? Oh, wait, no, that’s just how Mr. Moffat likes to count. For the rest of us, it’s 5. Five, not one, follows four.

Moffat has seemed to pick up this obsession that because he’s in charge now and he’s got a new doctor and a new TARDIS and a new sonic (all of which are great, really great, don’t get me wrong,) that means he has to start to pretend that his set of series’s are in a class of their own and need to start from series one, and now the series coming up is attempting to be pegged at series two. How stupid. Thankfully the bosses at the beeb can see sense and our DVDs and programme listings are coming out normally. But Moffat, please – maybe you need to just remove your head from your bum just a tiny weeny bit. I know you’re a great writer and a great showrunner – we know that (although my favourite stories of yours are still the ones from before you got to be boss.) You’re carrying on and continuing to produce and create an already wildly successful tv show. Just go with it. What, the previous four seasons aren’t good enough to be associated with your superior vision? Don’t be daft.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m really getting the feeling lately that Moffat views himself in some kind of superior way, and that a lot of his antics are nothing more than a bit of self-serving and own bum licking egotistical showmanship. Like I remember RTD hyping up his series, everyone does, of course they do. But sometimes I think Moffat in his head maybe tries a little too hard, sets himself up to be amazing and gobsmacking and then falls a little flat because it’s not quite as jaw dropping as he said it would be. Maybe that’s why Blink is still my favourite Moffat story. There was no anticipation, no huge hype – no pressure maybe. Now it’s all “you’ll cry for seven hundred days and your stomach will boil with all the fury of dantes 7th circle of hell when you see what fiendish and dastardly plot twist I’ve come up with! Doctor Who will never, ever, ever, be the same again and the whole thing will be completely and irreversibly be turned on it’s head!” That’s the sort of thing he’s peddling at the moment. It would be exciting, but a part of me knows that it’s not going to quite live up to expectations. All of that and it will probably just turn out that the Doctor finds out he’s got a green bow tie at the bottom of his sock drawer.

And game changing? Change the way we look at Doctor Who forever? Is that really a good thing?


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