Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

Don’t Blink!

Just thought I would quickly recount a scary dream I had. As you’ll have read in my Doctor Who Experience review, I bought myself a weeping angel cardboard cutout. It’s a half size one, but still pretty damn good. The angel is posed with its hands covering its face, the traditional weeping angel pose. So anyway, I’ve stood this on the desk across the room from the bed, and it hasn’t really caused me any problems at all until……………………………

Yesterday morning. It was one of those weird touches where your dream and reality kind of mix, so you’re having a dream and then you wake up and then the dream sort of blends in for a few minutes. It was like that. Anyhoo, I must have been dreaming about weeping angels, and I think in my dream I was thinking “I’ve got to wake up now before they get me!” So I woke up, and my face is just naturally pointing towards the weeping angel cut out so that’s just what I see as soon as my peepers crack open. I look at it, and it’s covering its face – fine. Then, I blink and SHIT – it’s moved one hand and it’s looking at me and snarling! I actually was frightened. Laying there in my half-dream state, I was actually staring at it thinking “don’t blink, just don’t blink!” Then reality slowly flooded in and I realised it wasn’t looking at me after-all. PHEW!

Sure was scary for a minute though!


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