Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

How it makes a difference

Having a job really does make a difference to your outlook. I mean, when I was unemployed all the days seemed to blend together, weekends and free time had no meaning. But now it does again! I was actually really excited about today because it meant I could just sit about and do nothing! Well, not nothing, but I didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong, what I’m doing at work is far from what I actually want to do in life. And I panicked, I really did, thinking that doing this job would mean that my writing and my books would have to take a back seat, but I was wrong because if anything having to work four days of the week, having that time taken up by something means that my brain has sort of been given a kick up the bum and now I’m really going to make the most of the time off I do have, and do as much as I can with it. So that’s good. I mean okay I did have a little bit of a lie in today, involving a scary dream where all of humanity was driven underground and then loads of people went psycho and started shooting everyone, but it’s not quite the afternoon yet, and I can get plenty done! Plenty! Good, good, good, good, good.


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