Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.


There’s a quote from Angel (as in spin–off from Buffy,) that I’ve always liked. It’s when a character is talking about time, she says “it only exists as it cracks apart.” I’ve always liked that, and I always seem to have remembered it. The nature of time, of how fleeting and fragile it is, that’s something I’m always acutely aware of – and I suppose that quote sums it all up quite nicely. Right now it is 10.13 am. But in the very moment that moment has happened in, it’s over. 10.13 am and twenty seconds, thirty seconds, forty – all those little moments arriving and departing in the same instance – never to come again. History is being made all around us, all the time. And now it’s 10.14 am, and 10.13 am is gone, forever (or until time travel is invented.)

It’s the sort of thing that really hurts your head after a while, thinking about time. I’m not even certain why I took the time to write this, it’s fairly meaningless. But it felt like the right thing to write. And the right time to write it.


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