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The Model Agency Overview Review

Hey did anyone else watch the model agency on channel 4? There were seven eps, can’t be bothered to review each one, but I thought I’d comment on the whole thing as a blob.

You know who I love? Carol. Or is it Carole? Whichever. Absolutely love her. I mean yes she might be a bit bossy and a bit short tempered, but what a laugh! Stylish too, for however old she’s meant to be. She loses a few points for naming her daughter Sissy – possibly one of the most toffee nosed sounding names out there, but still, I think she was great.

Now the rest of them, well, I think I could quite happily tie up the whole lot of them with an enormous hair extension and throw them in the Thames. The prissy gay (John was it? Stroppy John?) who couldn’t take amazing carol(e)s little jokes and kept complaining that he was having a really stressful time – even though he was leaving early and going to parties whilst the others worked til one in the morning and then started at eight again seven hours later. He was annoying. His voice was annoying, the fact he kept crying lady tears was annoying, everything was annoying. The black guy at the end of the table with the obnoxious laugh, he was frightful too. Everytime you see him he’s got a grin on his face or he’s whooping and laughing with such joy you’d think Carol(e) had just done a cartwheel naked. Okay, we get it, your office is fun. And then of course we’ve got that girl with the big nose and the long brown hair – in charge of new faces. Basically that involves being sickeningly sweet and cutsie with every single model who comes through the door. It’s nice I guess, and it sure does look like a friendly place to walk in to, but as nice as she is, she sure managed to put a few of them down when they werern’t around too. Who else is there? More gays probably, I lost count to be honest. There’s bald gay who looks a bit bird-like and doesn’t say much, and ginger gay who says far too much. He’s the sort that people would describe as “a bit of a character”……………………”hey, hey, have you met ginger gay from the model agency? He’s a bit of a character!” Yeah, basically, bit of a character means bit of an arsehole really doesn’t it? Let’s be honest. I’ve yet to meet a “bit of a character” that I liked. Then we’ve got american gay, and old but kinda good looking gay who is probably the most bearable out of the lot. Gosh there are a lot of gays in that office! Man.

But no, bitching aside it was a great show. Very entertaining, and it shone light on an industry I really hadn’t given much thought to before. I hope there’s another series, mostly because I want to see more carol(e.)!!!!!!!!

P.S – I wasn’t being sarky about Carol(e) – I genuinely did love her!


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