Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

Living in the Upsen Downs.

Life seems to be highly polarized at the moment. There are the things that are making me absolutely ecstatically happy, and then there are things which, well, I’m not clawing my skin off (yet!) but they’re niggling me no end. Sometimes I feel like just slapping myself and saying “for goodness sake man, sort your life out!” Wise words there from two very drunk friends.

Let’s talk about the good things – that’s always nice! Well, Andrew and I are very close to having our own place again which is wonderful, and a trip to Ikea the other day well and truly excited me on that front (I bought some glasses and some hand towels – purple for winter. OH and a coffee table for £1.78! Get in!!) I am seeing Roxie in less than 48 hours, which is just brilliant because it’s so last minute and unexpected, and then past that I have our magical doctor who holiday in the middle of August coming up, which I can’t even really think about for long because I just go too crazy with excitement. After what has seemed like an age of not getting very far with Book Three I am actually managing to come up with a few ideas, thank goodness. Came up with a brilliant new character last night who I am very excited about, so I’m looking forward to writing lots of her. What else? Doctor Who merchandise has never been better, and the second half of the series will be on in just over a month so that’s amazing……..ummmmm

Okay, good stuff done, let me whine about the bad. I’m…………………………………………..ooh that’s weird. That’s really, really odd. As I’m sitting here, I literally just thought “no, I can’t be bothered to go over all of that.” It’s not that I can’t be bothered to write, because look, I’m still writing………’s just that I honestly can’t be bothered to go over and over what I’m frustrated about, again and again. I mean what good will it do me?? At the end of the day, all the effort involved has to come from me. I have to put in the hours and put in the work, no-one else can do that. And I think I’m bored of hearing myself go on about it. I’m boring myself. I really don’t want to do that – I don’t want to get bored of myself. I should do something rather than moan about it……………argh if only I could just………….humph.

Time to go and give myself that slap.


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