Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

I feel old. 23? Switch the numbers round and double it – I’m 64!

I feel old. Holla’ if you find yourself nodding at any of the evidence below:

1) I get tired now at like 10 o’clock. What’s up with that? I used to stay up until 2, 3 in the morning watching dvds and making snacks!
2) I’m finding more and more that the most dreary things get me excited. Three for £5 on meat at Sainsburys = excitement. Using Butter Beans for the first time in cooking = excitement. A new scent of fabric softener = excitement. Buying cookware = orgasm.
3) I moan! I moan so much. I end up finding myself having old person conversations – like discussing how horribly expensive bread has become, or complaining about cyclists on the road, or moaning how every year the weather is bad in the winter and every year we seem to be unprepared for the snow, and how that particular road is really bad and the council really should do something about it………..
4) I look at young people with a mix of utter jealousy and also an intense hate. !7/18 year olds – the bane of my life! They’re all young and trendy with cool hair, having house parties and getting pissed off one bacardi breezer – but they’re so naive! So youthful And that youthfulness annoys me. I’m both envious of it and disgusted by it. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
5) Bedsheets. Bedsheets. Another love/hate. I LOVE them because they’re just so exciting aren’t they – Egyptian Cotton, it sounds so exotic! And you make it all match, like some bizarre form of lego. But then, ergh, what a bitch to iron. And they need ironing, they do really because it just doesn’t look right if it’s all crumpley.
6) I think I’m becoming my mother. I’ve found myself getting really funny about coasters. Everything needs a coaster. Things MUST have a coaster. And what’s that I see there hmmm? A crumb? A piece of dust?!?!?
7) And most of all it’s just that little voice that whispers to me every single morning when I look in the mirror. A little bit less vibrant looking, a little more tired looking. That tiny little voice that goes “You’re getting old.”


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