Thoughts and scribblings of an overactive mind.

Thoughts from my Graze Box

As I sit here slowly munching my way through a punnet of dried apple bits I find my mind wandering. My energy for the job at hand (at the moment it involves printing plans) is waning, so I decide to allow myself a moment to think of what I’m doing in the bigger picture.

Today I got some good news – my publisher has suggested I write a few short stories to build some interest in my books after a very positive and very welcome review of some of my work over the weekend (see it here: That’s automatically set my brain whirring. I’m also working on book two at the moment AND I want to get back to book three as quick as poss too – but new stories! The idea of new stories pulls at me like a little kid pulling mum towards the toy shop window. Come on, come on, come and see this!! What monsters can I create here? What hearts can I break? What lovely little human moments can I insert right in the middle of the madness? I have a mental scrapbook of stories I haven’t yet used but want to some day. Some are earmarked to be books in they’re own right one day, some would be better as tv scripts but I don’t know if I’ll ever tread that path. Some just don’t know what they might be or when they’ll be used.

I’m going to give it some thought. What normally happens is that I end up coming up with something quite apart from anything already in my scrapbook. Then the poor scrapbook ideas have to wait around a bit longer, sometimes I panic that one day they’ll get bored and leave – I’ll forget them and they’ll go and fly into someone else’s brain. Hopefully my lack if forgetting ability will stop that happening!

Matthew out.


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